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Reglas Generales Aleajecta (sp)

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Posted 30 December 2008 - 12:13 AM

General Aleajecta Rules

-Post Content
Before hitting the "Add Reply" button, ask yourself if you are adding anything to the thread that has not already been said over and over or if you are adding anything constructive. If the answer is "No", then don't post. Shitposting is not allowed.

-Use Proper Language
Use the proper language in the proper section. Stay on topic. Post in the most appropriate section. Edit a post instead of tacking on replies when applicable. If you feel you need to add more information or made an error when posting, please use the edit button to change your post, rather than posting again (doubleposting). No Spamming. Use the Search function before creating a new thread. No Porn anywhere on the forums.

-Don't Harass Other Posters or Staff
Harassment is not okay. Attacking other posters, unless intensely funny, will be met with consequences.

-Do not share Personal information
Do not give out any of your account details to any other member. This includes the email address you registered your account with. If you need a service that requires the provision of this information send a message to a member of staff and follow the instructions in the <a href="http://www.aleajecta...showtopic=6309" target="_blank">Report and Request Forms</a>. Do not post sensitive information on the forum...this is the internet. We are also not concerned if your &lt;little brother/sisters friend/pet turtle/evil twin&gt; was typing under your account when he/she/it committed a punishable offense, it will still be your account that pays the price. If you give your info out to untrustworthy people, that's your problem.

-When talking to staff
Be polite to members of staff at all times. It is ok to disagree with a staff member but do not fight or be offensive in any way towards them. Be patient while waiting for a response from staff.

-Use short, concise and meaningful thread titles
This means that we should be able to tell what the thread is about just by reading the title, Posts that are titled; &quot;Need Help&quot; or &quot;Have a Problem&quot; will potentially be deleted without warning to the author.

-If your post was deleted/hidden/edited
Do not reply or make a new thread asking why. Send a PM to a Moderator if and <u>ONLY IF</u> there is not an explanation available either within the rules here, or in your PM Inbox, or by using common sense.

-Make Posts Legible
Take the time to actually type out words. We do not want to read your posts if u typ like dis 2 be fast cuz its just a forum lol. In addition, we don't want to read posts that are a huge block of text with no formatting and/or show a lack of care on your part. If you can't be bothered to make your post readable, then we won't be bothered to read it. This is not an essay you're writing, but writing complete sentences and using paragraphs goes a long way to getting your point across.

-No offensive, insulting, profane or vulgar remarks towards other players/people are allowed
This rule applies anywhere on the site; your signature, custom title, posts and everywhere else you can submit something to the site. This also applies to comments about other people who do not frequent the site. <b>Example</b>: You can say the word shit but can not call somebody a shithead. Also, cussing for the sake of cussing is not allowed. Keep it within reason.

-Signatures and Avatars should not contain any offensive material and should be of a reasonable size
Any signature seen to be too large or offensive will be removed/altered by a member of staff without warning to the user. The max size of the image signature will be from 500x200 pixels, and containing at the top or at the bottom of the image up to 5 lines (this including spaces between lines) or up to 3 user bars.

-Do not impersonate anyone
Trying to impersonate members or staff will not be tolerated. This will be dealt with according to the severity of the incident and includes look alike forum avatars and similar names.

-Posting Privileges
Posting is <b>not</b> a right, it is a privilege that you enjoy at our discretion. If you make any claim about a so called &quot;right&quot; to post, it will result in immediate revocation of your posting privileges for a time, the severity of this depending on the mood of the Staff member who catches you first. So just don't do it.

-Complaint Dept
If you have a legitimate, substantiated complaint about a staff members conduct, you need to report him to a higher up. The chain of command goes as follows:
For problems with GMs or Administrators, contact Reverend. For problems with Moderators or other staff, contact Fukedup. For issues with Reverend himself, contact Reverend. This is the only acceptable way of complaining. Complaining about GMs in any thread will not be tolerated. Suggesting there is a Horde/Ally/GuildX conspiracy regarding Staff members, will not be tolerated. Take off your tinfoil hat before posting or don't post. Complaining about received punishment (yours or somebody elses) in public will not be tolerated and will immediately result in further action.

-Do not ask for ETA's (Estimated Time of Arrival)
Never demand a bug be fixed, or action be taken, or anything. Ever. Also, do not ask when 3.x will be supported or this feature or that feature or this zone or that one. If you really want to know when feature X,Y or Z will likely be implemented, then go spend some time at the MaNGOS, UDB, and/or SD2 forums. This applies to asking when server will be back up as well. It will be up when its fixed or maintenance is complete. We do not need posts from players saying its down or asking when it'll be up. Believe me when I tell you that it does not make the server come up any faster.

-Do not attempt to distribute or discuss Warez, ROMs, CD keys, CD key generators, cracks or any other illegal software or counterfeit merchandise
This includes the provision of links to source websites and/or file transfer software or download locations for the obtaining of this material. These kinds of posts will be edited without warning to the user; repeat offences will be met with consequences.

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