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Nasa Space War Again Ufo

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#1 Greenseed



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Posted 06 January 2009 - 01:35 PM

From a video posted earlier from spiritElemental.


It is for me true that into that video i see something moving around earth and then something coming from the earth try to intercept course with the previous object.

Into the video they say it a secret war between NASA and UFO , so it mean into other word , they are playing chess together, if i consider that to be true i got some problem to make that clear.

1- If they have ability to come see us and we don't have that ability, i think they are more evaluate then our, so why they don't riposte clearly, why they don't defend them self?

2- Maybe we are at war, not very surprising,  but maybe them are not, it seem more logical like this and answer question #1.

3- if we take human being and check where is the evolution Spiritual compared to the Technological Evolution, i will say we are much more advance into the Technological path, this will into a logic way create our destruction, we need to get our spiritual guidance at the same level the technologies we use or we will do a bad usage of that technologies, i don't think to be the first to say that and personally i found that very true, so if the UFO is more evaluate Technological then US , is spiritual guidance should be or he will probably has too much problem living with them self as US have at the actual moment?

4- I considerer my self as a normal evolution spiritual, i'm about like everyone i know , try to respect everyone, sharing, taking care of our heritage, as probably you all here do, so if that make the Spiritual Evolution Plant 1, what will be the Spiritual Evolution Plant #2 , i surely don't know or i will be able to claim i'm plant #2, but i think often what will look like the plant#2 , because we need it since our technological plant is near #3, So what will look like Spiritual Evolution Plant #2? Only thing i can think of and i'm about sure is that: We Will realize we are all together at all the time , so killing/harm , your brother/air/earth/water will have no meaning , if that is about the truth , mean if they are more evolute then us , they should not try to harm us?

5- Bring me the question of what is harming someone or somebody, can it be different, if your not from here?

6- If 5 is yes , mean all that can be completely FALSE or all that can be totally TRUE.

Only truth into this is the Dichotomies of the universe really exist smile.gif some call it RELATIVITY smile.gif

I think the video is TRUE , but i simply can't not believe they are at war or not , i think i'm doing a kind of blockage like i don't give a shit, and this is exactly what kind of mind bring us into that on earth today, sorry for that wink.gif work on it smile.gif
Your servant. ;)

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Posted 28 February 2016 - 01:20 PM

yes this is the conspiracy section of the forum. This along with the doofy JFK conspiracy and others. Anyone want to look at the pictures or read the article and discuss or just restate that yes this is the conspiracy section?


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Posted 19 March 2016 - 01:17 PM

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